During the WINTER TERM 2017, I will be teaching two courses, a graduate seminar, “Appropriating Marx’s Capital,” on Capital 1, and a fourth year Political Theory Capstone course on the theme of, “Slavery and Freedom.” 

Here is the course syllabus for the Capital seminar: capital-course-outline   First essay: POLS 6060 — Essay 1

Second Essay: POLS 6060, final paper

What follows are PDFs of course-related readings: “Appropriating Marx’s Capital” Course: Dussell: Dussell – Four Drafts Colletti: Colletti Theory of Value Pilling:  Pilling Marx’s Capital Stallybrass: available here: http://syntheticzero.net/2014/01/17/marxs-coat-peter-stallybrass/

Syllabus and Readings for Slavery and Freedom: Course syllabus: pols-4906-syllabus;First essay: POLS 4906 3_First essay Second essay themes: POLS 4906 3_final paper themes  Second paper topics: POLS 4906 3 Final essay topics

Readings:  Finley:Finley_Between Slavery and Freedom Rediker Rediker_Slave Ship

Toussaint L’Ouverture: toussaint-louverture-proclamation-and-letters

Salome Lee on Marx, Slavery and Racism: lee-article-untilweare-all-abolitionists


In the Fall Term 2016, I taught a third-year lecture course, “The Political Culture of Race and Racism,” and a fourth-year seminar, “Marxism, Feminism,  Post-structuralism.” The syllabus, assignments and various readings for each course are below.

PDF outlines for both Fall Term courses are here.

Syllabus for “The Political Culture of Race and Racism”: political-science-3065-3-syllabus

Course assignments here: first-assignment_pols-3065  Second assignment: political-science-3065-3_2nd-assignment Third assignment: 3rd-assignment_political-science-3065-3  Fourth assignment: 4th-assignment-political-science-3065-3

Syllabus for “Marxism, Feminism, Post-structuralism”: political-science-4091-3

First assignment: pols-4091-3-first-essay

Second assignment: ps-4091-3-second-essay

Readings for POLS 3065, Political Culture of Race and Racism:   Barbara Fields Fields, Slavery Race and Ideology Loic Wacquant Wacquant_Class race and hyperincarceration  Sports and Racism: Sports and Black Male Body  Blues, Rock and Racism:  The Blues, Rock and Roll and Racism Black Power to Hip Hop: Black Power to Hip Hop Walia: Harsha Walia, Transient Servitude Balibar: Balibar_A racism without races Goldberg: Goldberg, Racial Spaces.compressed  Dirks and Mueller: Dirks___Mueller__2007

Readings for POLS 4091, Marxism, Feminism, Post-structuralism: Stabile: Stabile-Feminism without Guarantees; On structuralism and post-structuralism: Structuralism-Post-definiti; Nancy Holmstrom: Holmstrom; Hennessy: henessey-profit_and_pleasure_sexual; Dorothy Smith: SmithWomen; Hazel Carby: carby_1997_-white-women-listen; Gloria Joseph: gloria-joseph; Sue Ferguson: Race Gender Class; Himani Bannerji: Bannerji, Building from Marx; Alan Sears: Sears, Sex After Citizenship; Jennifer Nash: Nash, Rethinking Intersectionality; Leslie McCall: McCall_ The Complexity of Intersectionality; Ferguson and McNally: ferguson_mcnally