During the FALL TERM 2018, I will be on research leave. I will be teaching course in History and Business at the University of Houston in SPRING TERM 2019. Information about those courses will be available soon.


During my final teaching term at York University (2017), I taught two courses, a graduate seminar, “Appropriating Marx’s Capital,” on Capital volume 1, and a fourth year Political Theory Capstone course on the theme of, “Slavery and Freedom.” 

Here is the course syllabus for the Capital seminar: capital-course-outline   

What follows are PDFs of course-related readings: “Appropriating Marx’s Capital” Course: Dussell: Dussell – Four Drafts Colletti: Colletti Theory of Value Pilling:  Pilling Marx’s Capital Stallybrass: available here: http://syntheticzero.net/2014/01/17/marxs-coat-peter-stallybrass/

Syllabus and Readings for Slavery and Freedom: Course syllabus: pols-4906-syllabus;

Ad here are PDFs of some course Readings:  Finley:Finley_Between Slavery and Freedom Rediker Rediker_Slave Ship

Toussaint L’Ouverture: toussaint-louverture-proclamation-and-letters

Salome Lee on Marx, Slavery and Racism: lee-article-untilweare-all-abolitionists

In the Fall Term 2016 at York University, I taught a third-year lecture course, “The Political Culture of Race and Racism,” and a fourth-year seminar, “Marxism, Feminism,  Post-structuralism.” The syllabus for each course is below.

Syllabus for “The Political Culture of Race and Racism”: political-science-3065-3-syllabus

Syllabus for “Marxism, Feminism, Post-structuralism”: political-science-4091-3

Readings for POLS 3065, Political Culture of Race and Racism:   Barbara Fields Fields, Slavery Race and Ideology Loic Wacquant Wacquant_Class race and hyperincarceration  Sports and Racism: Sports and Black Male Body  Blues, Rock and Racism:  The Blues, Rock and Roll and Racism Black Power to Hip Hop: Black Power to Hip Hop Walia: Harsha Walia, Transient Servitude Balibar: Balibar_A racism without races Goldberg: Goldberg, Racial Spaces.compressed  Dirks and Mueller: Dirks___Mueller__2007

Readings for POLS 4091, Marxism, Feminism, Post-structuralism: Stabile: Stabile-Feminism without Guarantees; On structuralism and post-structuralism: Structuralism-Post-definiti; Nancy Holmstrom: Holmstrom;  Dorothy Smith: SmithWomen; Hazel Carby: carby_1997_-white-women-listen; Gloria Joseph: gloria-joseph; Sue Ferguson: Race Gender Class; Himani Bannerji: Bannerji, Building from Marx; Alan Sears: Sears, Sex After Citizenship; Jennifer Nash: Nash, Rethinking Intersectionality; Leslie McCall: McCall_ The Complexity of Intersectionality; Ferguson and McNally: ferguson_mcnally